"Gluten free, 130 calories. I ate the whole fricken bag. I loved it!"


The Backstory

P-nuff Crunch was created by Dr. Juan Salinas, Ph. D. in Food Science and former competitive body builder (can ya tell?). He also happens to have over 20 years of successful product development experience working for several of the nation’s top food companies, but he grew disheartened by the food industry’s deception of the word “healthy,” so he created something new, hence, P-nuff Crunch was born.  

Dr. Juan then took his product to ABC's Shark Tank in October of 2020. The Shark's were impressed with not only the taste and nutritional beneifts of the product, but also Dr. Juan's story and background. During the show, Mark Cuban expressed that he had actually tried P-nuff Crunch before and loved it! Then, he made Dr. Juan an amazing offer!

P-nuff Crunch

Baked Peanut Puffs

Ultimate peanut puff snack made from protein-filled Peanuts, fiber-full Navy Beans, and energy-lasting Rice baked into a crunchy and nutritious puff snack.

  • Complete plant-based protein for energy and fitness
  • Healthy carbs and low sugar for long lasting energy
  • Fiber for overall health and satisfaction
  • Crunchy texture and delicious flavors that satisfy your cravings without the guilt


“Amazing! Can’t keep my hands out of it! The whole family loves them (we always get the variety pack). I rarely eat potato chips anymore since I supplemented Pnuff as my nighttime snack, and I think I probably eat fewer Pnuff than potato chips because Pnuffs are more more satisfying. Highly Recommended”

- Steven B.


Get your hands on some crunchy, salty & sweet snacks guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.