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Dr. Juan's 34-Day Fitness & Diet Program (Digital Download)

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Dr. Juan's 34-Day Fitness & Diet Program (Digital Download)


Want to get in the best shape of your life? Follow the exact fitness and diet guide that Dr. Juan used to prepare for his Shark Tank Appearance and to train for Mr. America 2022! 

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Not a pro in the gym? No problem! Check out these video guides from Dr. Juan that show you exactly how to do every workout mentioned in this guide. This will ensure you're doing everything safely and most effectively to get the results you want!

Program FAQs:

Q: What does the fitness program cover?

A: The fitness program covers training and nutrition to lose weight while keeping muscle for a lean and fit appearance 


Q: What is the goal of the fitness program?

A: The goal is to help individuals reach their target weight goals while staying fit, and to help them understand the calorie value of foods for a healthy lifestyle.  It also introduces a new way of training your body that is not only effective but also less time consuming than regular training methods.

Q: Is there any preparation needed for the fitness program?

A: It is recommended to consult your physician before starting to make sure the movements and diet are right for you. There is also an optional 14 day pre-program included in the guide for anyone who is not regularly working out currently to familiarize your body with the workouts and get ready for the full 34-Day Program.


Q: Can anyone follow the program? What is the margin of safety?

A: Safety is a priority. The program was developed for healthy individuals and anyone with any underlaying health issues should consult their physician before starting the program. 

Q: Can I use the program regularly?

A: Yes, the program is intended to be followed for 34-days straight, with some rest days throughout. It can be continued past the 34 days for continued results.


Q: Are the program results sustainable?

A: The results are sustainable as long as the individual continues using the principles of training and nutrition learned in the program.