Perfect Life Nutrition, LLC is a Nutrition company that makes plant-based snacks that are high in protein, low in sugar and a good source of fiber. The company was created in June 2015 following the dream of Dr. Juan Salinas of developing snacks that were not only healthy but nutritious for active kids and adults. He got started after spending over 20 years of working as a snack developer for several of the largest CPG food companies in the US. He combined his snack development skills with his passion for health and fitness to create snacks that are delicious and nutritious. The company is a family business run by the founder, Dr. Juan Salinas.


The Story

Combined with his passion for health and fitness, extensive knowledge of food science, and expertise in sports & exercise nutrition, Dr. Juan Salinas has created the perfect, all natural, guilt-free snack: P-nuff Crunch- healthy and nutritious, without sacrificing the “delicious”.

That path did not stop there. During his college years abroad, Dr. Juan developed a love for exercise and healthy eating, so much so that he changed his major from Engineering to Food Science. With over 20 boastful years of successful product development in several of the nation’s top food companies, he slowly grew disheartened by the food industry’s deception of the word, “healthy”. Although his well-known products graced the shelves of every grocery chain in the U.S., they lacked in what Dr. Juan truly believed in.


Accompanied by his passion to bring the world a healthy snack food, he took a huge step and decided to create his own product, based on these principles:


  • Nutrition : Every major ingredient must have significant nutritional value to sustain healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Healthy: All ingredients must come from a natural source. This means no GMO, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, artificial sweeteners, etc. are ever to be used.
  • Taste cannot be sacrificed: Must be enjoyed by kids and adults, alike.

Over a hundred recipes later, P-nuff Crunch was ready. Dr. Juan Salinas worked, tirelessly, to live up to his standard of excellence, a standard he is proud of.