Finding the Perfect Fitness Snack to fuel your body has never been so Easy or Delicious!

P-nuff Crunch is made from simple and natural ingredients such as Peanuts, Navy Beans, and Rice. This unique combination of natural ingredients supplies 5g of “Complete” High Quality plant-based protein, slow digesting healthy carbohydrates and loads of fiber.  These nutrients are essential for long lasting energy and satisfaction but they are also key for building muscle and staying fit.

P-nuff Crunch was created by Dr. Juan Salinas, an expert in Food Science and Sports & Exercise Nutrition. He is also a former competitive natural bodybuilder and endurance athlete. He combined his food nutrition knowledge with his passion for sports to create the perfect, all natural and guilt-free snack that keeps bodies active and lean

P-nuff Crunch is the only snack that combines an energizing crunchy texture with delicious flavors such as the classic Roasted Peanut, Roasted peanut & Cocoa, and Roasted Peanut & Cinnamon. Unleash your tough with P-nuff!!