P-nuff Crunch was created with the consumer’s health and fitness in mind- to bring the world a snack food that’s not only satisfying and delicious, but will provide your body with the nutrients it needs and deserves

P-nuff Crunch is made from protein-filled Peanuts, fiber-full Navy Beans, and energy-lasting Rice baked into a crunchy, powerful puff snack. Made from simple and natural ingredients without any added flavors or preservatives

P-nuff Crunch is a Crunchy Salty & Sweet snack guaranteed to satisfy your cravings

P-nuff Crunch has it all:

  • Complete plant-based protein for energy and fitness
  • Healthy carbs and low sugar for long lasting energy
  • Fiber for overall health and satisfaction
  • Crunchy texture and delicious flavors that satisfy your cravings without the guilt

Unleash your power with P-nuff Crunch!!