Are Peanut Puffs Healthy?

Are Peanut Puffs Healthy?

By Dr. Juan Salinas

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether our P-nuffs are healthy. The short answer is: yes! But we won’t just leave you with that, we want to explain ourselves so that you leave this blog believing in the health of our product so that next time you go to grab a snack it’s P-nuff Crunch!


What makes a snack healthy?

Did you know that many common snack products on the market today are filled with chemicals, preservatives, unnatural GMO ingredients, trans fats, and refined sugars? Even the products that are advertised as healthy! For example, most ‘healthy’ granola bars are filled with high-fructose corn syrup - a type of calorically dense super-sweet sugar that has been scientifically linked to weight gain.

Here at P-nuff, we consider a snack healthy if it is made from natural ingredients, provides key nutrients like protein, healthy carbs, vitamins, and is lower in calories so that it doesn’t cause you to accidentally overeat. So with that being said, let’s take a look at what is inside our peanut puffs, to establish why they are so healthy.

What are peanut puffs?

If you are yet to try P-nuff Crunch, where have you been?! P-nuff Crunch are peanut puffs made directly from roasted peanuts combined with healthy whole grains to make a puffed and delicious snack.

But not all peanut puffs are equal: there are many different types of brands who create slightly different variations of peanut puffers. For example, brands like Bamba, Popchips Nutter Puffs and PuffWorks create corn based peanut puffs, whereas here at Pnuff-Crunch, we are the only creators of peanut puffs directly made from navy bean, rice and roasted peanuts.

Why P-nuff Crunch peanut puffs are healthy

  1. Nutrient-density

Our peanut puffs are packed with powerful nutrients like protein, healthy carbs, fiber, healthy monounsaturated fat, calcium, potassium, iron, and more! Each serving of P-nuff Crunch provides 3g of fiber, compared to only 1g in other peanut puff brands.

  1. Lower calorie

Compared to other puffs, like cheese puffs, our peanut puffs are lower in calories. While caloric density shouldn’t be the main focus when it comes to a snack, it is important. Overeating calories is directly linked to weight gain.

  1. Non-GMO

Unlike the majority of snacks on the market today, P-nuff Crunch is completely non-GMO which means you’re getting purely natural foods!

  1. Gluten-free

Up to 7 percent of the entire US population is gluten-sensitive, and a further 1 percent are celiac. P-nuff Crunch is a perfect snack option for these individuals looking to have a tasty and totally gluten-free snack.

  1. Vegan

This plant-based snack is perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike: containing 100 percent vegan food sources, P-nuff Crunch is packed with plant power.

  1. Protein-rich snack

For each serving, you’re going 5g of plant protein - contributing 10 percent towards your daily protein goal. This protein is derived from navy beans, brown rice, and peanuts - this is a complete protein source providing all of the essential amino acids that builds muscle and helps you stay fit. Pure plant protein!

  1. Free from artificial ingredients

P-nuff Crunch has zero artificial ingredients. Even the appealing taste hasn’t been manufactured artificially - relying on the rich natural ingredients to flavor the snack.

To summarize, it’s clear that P-nuff Crunch’s peanut puffs are one of the healthiest and most nutritious snacks you can consume! Give them a try today by clicking here.