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How to Get Shredded:4 Fit Tips from a Former Competitive Bodybuilder / By Dr. Juan Salinas

By Dr. Juan Salinas

Don´t ask Google how to get shredded, because today we will let you know how to get ripped and fit with these tips from Dr. Juan Salinas, Founder of P-nuff Crunch and former competitive natural Bodybuilder.

Tip #1 – Exercise – this is a no brainer. But here is the trick, don’t spend all your time and energy doing cardio. Spend more time lifting weights or working out with elastic bands doing resistance exercise. Only resistance exercise will build muscle and give you the shredded look you seek. Target 4 workout sessions per week and make sure you exercise all body parts.

Tip #2 – Diet – Another no brainer. But here is another trick. Eat 5-6 x per day. Target to eat every 2.5 to 3 hrs. having 3 meals and 3 snacks that contain protein is a good approach. Make sure all your meal and snacks have protein. Also make sure you keep the carbs low on every meal. Do not eat at least 2 hrs before bed.

Tip #3 – Drink Water – drinking water will help you lose water weight and make you look leaner and shredded. The reason is simple, the more water you drink the more water your body will want to get rid of. This trick is used by models before a photo shoot and bodybuilders before competition. Target to drink 1 gal of water per day.

Tip #4 – Sleep – We have heard this before. Sleep between 7-9 hrs per day. Muscle recovers and grows during rest. So a good sound sleep will help you gain muscle and help you look lean and fit. It will also help you feel energized during the day so that you don’t skip on your workout 

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